Learn about our membership and members-only activities and join us!
Learn about our membership and members-only activities and join us!

What is a member?

A member of Stockholm Flow is a person that has chosen to join us by agreeing to our terms and conditions (Bylaws & Fire safety documents) and has paid the required membership fee.
The different forms of membership are supporting members and active members.

What do members get?

The active member is the default membership and is granted unlimited access to our indoor practice, our monthly fire jams and the different workshops hosted in many different disciplines.

A supporting member is a friend of Stockholm Flow who doesn’t necessarily practices with us but supports our cause and wants the community to grow. They are also granted access to the different workshops at the cost of a small workshop fee. We love our supporting members! This membership does however not include access to our indoor training.

All members are entitled premium access to our members only content and activities as well as the priviledge to vote on Stockholm Flow related topics in our meetings.

How much does it cost and how do I become a member?

Drop in: 75 SEK per session
Supporting member: 100 SEK per year
Active member: 700 SEK per term

To become a member and take part of all the amazing perks above please go to our membership registration form and follow the instructions. Once we have received your payment your membership is granted.