We have indoor practice during fall, winter and spring. In the summer, we practice outside in Rålambshovsparken. Anyone is welcome, no matter their skill level! We teach eachother to the best of our capabilities and are always happy to help out with whatever we can – so don’t be shy and come on by!

Please see the separate events found on our page or this calendar for the exact dates as we are sometimes closed due to school holidays.

Practice times in general

Saturdays: 13.00 – 17.00 at Milot in Ursvik – same place as Street Mentality.

The closest metro stations are Rissne or Hallonbergen. From there you take the bus. Check SL or Google Maps for departures.

See “become a member” for more information on membership and fees.


Once a month we host a fire jam in Rålambshovsparken. This is a safe opportunity where Stockholm Flow friends and members can spin fire in a supervised setting. These events can be found on the Stockholm Flow-facebook page.
To find out more about our fire safety procedure and policy, please go to our documents-page.

Stockholm Flow spinning fire in Helsinki. Photographer Laura Korpela


Stockholm Flow has a wide arrange of experienced teachers and performers in a large variety of disciplines. We host members-only workshops regularly, ranging from acrobatics and dance to very technical skills with props – all free of charge for our members.
We also have a large global network within the flow arts community and regularly host workshops by some of the most prominent artists and workshop leaders. 
We have previously hosted the legendary poi teacher Nick Woolsey of Playpoi, the fire eating phenomenon Shade Flamewater, hoop teacher extraordinare Emma Kenna and the one and only Rocco Toscano.


As we’re a registered non-profit organisation, we are required by legislation to have regular meetings and complete transparency. 
The protocols of these meetings can be found in our documents-section.

Board meetings

The member elected board of Stockholm Flow regularly hold meetings in which we discuss anything from member submitted suggestions to the future of Stockholm Flow. This is where we plan upcoming workshops, discuss the state of the organisation and make sure that everything is running smoothly so that the members of our community can have a place to practice and learn!  

Member meetings

These meetings are open to the members of Stockholm Flow.
Each year we have one annual meeting where we present the state of Stockholm Flow and elect new board members.
We may also have extra member meetings when the situation calls for it.